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An institution in the national music is undoubtedly Ovidio Giron, who back in the eighties filled all the places wherehe presented his "Grupo Rana (Group Frog)", because then, the young people danced the sticky beat of soca. Today in "the Friendly Face of Our Artists" and a few days of having him again in Guatemala, we talked with Ovidio Girón creatorof the rhythm "SOCARENGUE" who shares with usinformation on his career.

In what year did“Grupo Rana” begin?  The Grupo Rana began before the earthquake of the year 76, around the ' 74 and ' 75 we already were Grupo Rana, and the earthquake took us out to El Salvador, where we try to keep it but we couldn’t. For the ' 85, we were already back in Guatemala and started recording, in ' 86 was where we actually had our first success, which was "Colombia Rock".

On which national TV programs do you appeared with the “Grupo Rana”? Several times in Campiña of channel 11, Channel 13 on one special, Channel 5, channel 7 in a film for the promotion of the same channel, with a song that I called "No Sonries", I composed itespecially for channel 7, the real name of the song is "Sin Una Ilusion", but everyone knows it as 'No Sonries Como Antes.

What are the most significant hits and still to date the followers like to listen?They are several hits, such as Mi Martillo, No Sonríes Como Antes, Colombia Rock, Esa Chica, Como Te Extraño, Socaribe, Luna de Xelaju, Mi Secretaria, among others.

The last two I have always seen that there is a battle, sometimes to close the concerts we play Mi Secretaria and and the public ask for Luna de Xelajú, or vice-versa, we always have to play both. Personally, Mi Secretaria has a very big significance for me because I wrote it to my wife. When we started with the group she was my Secretary, and when our first daughter, Yadira Michelle was born, she had to leave the office and was there when I did the song as asking where was my Secretary. Currently she is still my Secretary, Representative and Manager of our group, a great blessing for us all.

Regarding Luna de Xelajú, when I lived in El Salvador, I made an arrangement with another rhythm cravingfor the Guatemalan music and while in Guatemala, I was preparing for a tour to the United States, it occurred to me that it would be very important for our fellow countrymen there a song like Luna de Xelajú, only with amodern touch. Then, I went to search for my old arrangement that had been made at El Salvador and never imagined the success that it would have.

You have been living for many years in New Orleans Louisiana, why did you decide to go? Look, one feels when already does not fit within a group and as a result of a lot of stress I had because overwork with the group, the doctors recommended rest at least one month, and so I did. I think it opened many doors to many things that I didn’t see before, especially with my ex-partners. When I got back from my resting trip from the United States, I saw that it wasn’t longer the same, also the justificationfrom the group that I was with too much stress. My brother told me not to work more as a musician,  only as a composer and arranger, my life turned 180 degrees, and the first thing I did was to change cities in order to get away the most possible from everything that were my dreams. In addition, I was never legal owner of the group, hence I realizedthat I did not have anything else to do in Guatemala, although I had the opportunity to do my band I chose to go, I believe that was one of the times more sad and painful of my life.

Which groups have you started abroad? I've been in different groups, but most of the time I devoted myself to a Christian Church, where we served several years with my family. Then I was involved with several local groups. But one day I made the decision to make my group. Looking for musicians, my children were very little, I was told why not to include them, they really only played church music at that time. I put them to the test and that was how one day someone gave us a chance and we began to work as a family. Today they are now my colleagues in music and they are the people who help me in everything we do musically and we have traveled the whole American nation and Canada, I am very happy and proud to have them with me.

Currently what kind of musicdo you play and with which group? Well my new group is called Ovi-G and the Froggies "Los Ranas". We play all kinds of music, and we remain more in concerts for  Anglo-Saxon and Chapines throughout the United States. Rhythms such as soca, merengue, salsa, bachata, some of jazz and blues, we have learned to play all the rhythms that are incurred and for having.

Are your daughters involved in music?  Well, really I have 3childre.2 females and 1 male. They are musicians and singers, they began playing in the Church with me, then participated in a school music Academy and later belonged to a professional Academy, NOCCA (New Orleans Center of Creative Arts the), one of the larger musical institutions of this State. They have been learning everything else with me.

Where can the public reach you by social networks? We have our website, also in Facebook they can search with the key words: Ovi-G and The Froggies, also there is my personal account, Ovidio Rana Giron, and this is our e-mail:

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