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In "The friendly face of the guests of Heidy this time we present someone very special; for the first time we have a prominent Psychic and Astrologer from Coban residing in Puebla, Mexico and who has more than 25 years of experience. He is Luis Fernando Mencos, he has predicted several important events around the world, and has received several awards and has traveled to more than 30 countries on different continents.

I present Luis Fernando Mencos to this space, where you can say what you want and other media cannot do.

Without a doubt being clairvoyant is a gift of few, when did youfind outthe ability to predict events?As a child, I had dreams that later I talked about and happened. Also I foresaw the events ofpeople, who I watched, I remember, I told to my older sister, (only seeing her) that she would be thegirlfriend of a "Chinese", he appeared 4 months later in her life.

With more than 25 years dedicated to astrology, did you study this science?Yes, I did, trying to give myself a logical explanation to what happened with me. Also I read a lot about the importance of alternative medicine and combining certain ingredients to perform spiritual rituals, but I am most interested in practicing Mayan rituals, since I am from Coban.

What event you predicted in 1990 that provoked controversy?Hahaha (smiles) I remember thenow gone political party MASshowed up at my colonyto perform their usual ads and ask for votes for don Jorge Serrano Elías.When the candidate for the Presidency of Guatemala went from house to house asking for thier vote I, only 8 years old, said " you would be President only for a few days" since there would be a coup d’état, my grandma scolded me and Mr. Serrano Elías just smiled, but a journalist asked me why I said that and wrote it in a notebook. When the self-coup of State was given, that same journalist came to my house and did me an interview that was published in the newspaper "El Grafico" which is archived in the National Archive of Guatemala.

You have predicted several events both politics, such as social, environmental, among others, can you tell us which you think have surprised your followers?
I spoke about the coronation of the Miss Universe Dominican Amelia Vega and the electoral triumph of Martin Torrijos in Panama in 2003. I also spoke about the earthquake in Haiti (2010) and the tragic death of the singer Selena (1995) and as curious data, since that I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Álvaro Enrique Arzú in the defunct hotel el Dorado (Guatemala) I said that he would be civil servant for many years and that it would make a great story in our country. Words that were repeated by in his personal office located in zone 10.

In Guatemala how did you come to be known as Psychic and Astrologer?By the testimonies of the neighbors, my teachers, the families of my classmates and the group of Boy Scouts that I belonged and all curious people who suddenly saw anypublication about me in a newspaper and by word of mouth were commenting about me to the extent of going to visitme at my house for a consultation and the veracity of my predictions. Then I had the opportunity to be interviewed on national TV by Mr. Gonzalo "Chalo" Hernández in the defunct program "Venga con Chalo Venga" and that was my first time on TV and I think it brought me luck because since that time, the media is my second home.

Why and since when did you decide to leave your homeland and go to settle at Puebla, Mexico?Since I visited Mexico for the first time, I really enjoyed it and I always saw it as my second homeland and on the death of my grandmother, I used my inheritance money to buy my house in Mexico. I love Guatemala and I'm still more chapín than the chipilin, and I feel very happy when I go on vacation twice a year.

In my house, all my food is Guatemalan and for the Christmas holidays everything smells Guatemala, even many come to my house to taste the flavors of my land.

What event you think was the most important forecast in 2013?Papal change,nobody wanted to believe it until Benedict XVI resigned and entered the new Pontiff.

Have you predicted something personal that has changed your life?Sure, many things, good and bad. Unfortunately, I predicted the tragic death of my sister just three days before that a car rolled over her. I tried to warn her, but the time was given as it was already written. I have also seen very nice things for me, even had a dream where I saw myself winning the lottery and shortly after, it happened, it was not the Grand Prize, but it wasa very good one hahaha, also as a child I knew that I would be very well recognized for my work and that I would travel the world as it's been since I've visited more than 30 countries on different continents.

Tell us about your favorite cuisine?As a child I liked the kitchen and my grandma taught me how to cook. I am the only one in my family that retains the true taste of my grandmother, thanks to God, even when I lived in Guatemala many asked me to make tamales for Christmas, the famouscobanero broth kak´ik and fiambre. Now that I live in Mexico and only get to travel to my countryfor vacation, many ask me to prepare them something to remember the true taste of Granny. By the years I graduated as a Licentiate in gastronomy.

Dos cobaneros reunidos
You have a very admirable facet and perhaps a few know about it, can you tell us about the foundation that bears your name and where it is?I belong to a Catholic group in the parish of my district and I have a good friendship with the priest. At the beginning I offered him financial support for the most needy in the sierra NorteofPuebla, Mexico. Then is where I think sharing part of what I have with them and with those who need it. The people who visit me and know about it chooses to bring me all kinds of food and medicine, even a great friend who is a doctor supports me in matters of health. The Foundation bears my name and is located in the State of Puebla Mexico.

Which countries do you plan to visit this year as healing journeys and how often doyou make them?I make 3 trips to Cuba and two to Panama a year.

Which event do you think that Guatemalans and the rest of the world will be talking about?Without a doubt will be the financial issue. In our country, there will be many changes in the policy. And before this Government ends there will be an attack within a political venue that will bring attention to the country as never before.

A new political party will be born and will fight the triumph with a man who from an early age began with politics and is of the sign Libra and is who will sit in the coveted seat.

There would be very good changes forGuatemala, there will be treaties with some countries that will benefit the population. A resignation of a civil servant and it will be on the front page. Also, there will be a public scandal. The violence that plagues the country will continue but will have a break and we will believe that it has finished, however, in order of damaging the current Government; there will be things that the history of our country has not seen before
  • There will be two deaths of important people in the country.
  • There will be earthquakes and one of them will be very strong.
  • There will be a fire that will consume a very large enclosure, everything points to a market and the unfortunate will have very significant losses.
What do you forecast to "Friendly Face of the Guests of Heidy" for this year?It will have a very good growth; there will be projects to carry out an idea planned to television or national radio. You will be awarded a deserved recognition.

Con Luis Pellecer
What is your relationship with the artistic world?In Mexico, I keep a very close friendship bond with some figures of Mexican stardom. I have had the opportunity to sponsor three people seeking to position itself within the music, among them the Mexican singer/songwriter Paris Guzmán.

What Awards have you received throughout this career that has filled you with satisfaction?I have received recognition in the famous square "Galleries of the Stars" certainly was something extremely satisfying, it was also very exciting to have received other recognition by the magazine "International graphics" in one of the main theaters of the city of Mexico, though I want to clarified, all the awards of my work and experience have been very important to me. In March, the Costa Rican community will deliver me "Ray Tico" recognition in a known theater of the city of Mexico, not to mention every detail and every gesture of affection that independent people show me day by day.

Where do you publish your predictions? I publish it Revista Gráfica Internacional that has coverage in Mexico, Argentina, Los Angeles CA. and Colombia. Also I publish for the "GuiaTv" magazine that circulates in the State of Illinois Chicago.

Can you share with us the different spaces in the social networks, YouTube and others?I share with all my people through Facebook and on my official website

A message to the followers of "The friendly face of theGuests of Heidy"
Always express your feelings and not wait until the last moments to demonstrate affection for those around you. Live each day with excitement and joy. Separate family problems with the labor and vice versa to live in harmony and enjoy the greatest miracle... life!

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